The Nomad Hotel

Seeking change, and the unfamiliar, I checked myself into The Nomad, instead of The Bowery.

IMG_2610  The Nomad, 1170 Broadway, at 28th Street

Here’s what I love about it-


The streets off Broadway, around the Flower District and Koreatown aren’t pretty, and yes, I had to walk pass Projects (Council Housing) to get to The High Line.


But eastwards there is Madison Square Park with art installation,


Shake Shack and a Dog Run.


34th Street and Penn Station is a 5-block walk away.  This makes getting to JFK via the Long Island Railway an economical and quick journey- stop at Jamaica, catch the Air Train.


Macy’s and The Empire State Building are also close.

Best of all, the N and R are right at the hotel’s doorstep, making both uptown and downtown, a non-thinking commute.



The Nomad is housed in a turn of the century Beau Arts building.


The interiors are French-inspired, elegant without fuss.


My room was surprisingly large for New York, with soaring ceilings, and a separate study.



Frette sheets, a firm mattress and good pillows eased jet lag.


The restaurant and bar on-site offered relief.


Room-service was not cheap, but worth the occasional splurge.



Excellent.  My room faced an internal courtyard, and on Friday night, there was some kind of (boisterous) magic show being performed- I heard every bit of it.  Front Desk did not have the authority to curb this noise, and offered me instead, a complimentary night stay.

  •  Would I stay here again?  Yes, with Bruno.  The Nomad is dog-friendly.IMG_1167

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