The High Line

On my last morning in the Big Apple, I felt a need to go for a long walk, see a side to the city that is not as familiar to me.


The High Line is an elevated public park, constructed on a historic freight rail line, on the West Side of the city.


There are steps at various points, leading up to it.


It seemed like many netizens also had the same idea.  The day was glorious- clear blue skies, warm.  The High Line was actually, crowded.


I ended up walking from 28th Street southwards, to the very end, at Gansevoort Street.  I love how such a simple idea- a rail line, has been re-imagined and repurposed for community enjoyment, imagination and play.


There’s a sense of relief from concrete and asphalt offered by the fauna.


And yet the very urban nature of the park, is not hushed up.  Instead, one is almost asked to re-consider beauty and rest, within all that is industrial and man-made.


It’s a wonderful way to experience New York.


There is no escaping the relentless rows and rows of buildings that define this city.  Walking through the High Line, one encounters architecture as immediate, and pulsating.


Street art, sculpture add to the experience.



I think New York is a city that assaults; either you love it, or you are repelled.  It’s a city that forces you to not sit on the fence.


Sunday strolling through the High Line with the experience of architecture as enveloping and alive, reminded me of a Norman Foster quote- Architecture is an expression of values… It’s this sense of potential, purpose and possibility in human nature, that really makes New York so unique.


It’s a city for energetic dreamers with no time to waste.


From my own experience, it truly is as the song says-


If I can make it there, I’ll make it, anywhere.

  •  The High Line- Gansevoort Street to West 34th Street, between 10th and 12th Avenues.  (Unfortunately, dogs are not allowed.)

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