Zen asked if I ride the subway.


Yes.  I rode it then, and I still ride it now.  Some stops are unsafe- I don’t go there.  Some stops are miserable at rush hour (14th Street- Union Square, 34th Street-Penn Station, 42 Street-Times Square).  The trains look the same as they did 20 years ago.  Compared to London, trains and signs are not as clearly marked- something I’ve never noticed before.

At rush hour, waiting on the platform, you will get on board because the crowd you are stuck in will shove you forward.  Woooosh!  Forget waiting for passengers to disembark, or letting the elderly board first.  Nobody waits around in this city- you could get mugged, or shot.  Waiting, is an English virtue and best left across the pond.

Nobody says, Sorry, May I…  at the start of a sentence.  Everyone says brightly- Hi, how are you?  And smiles and smiles.  I have not stopped smiling since I boarded Delta Airlines at Heathrow.  My facial muscles, hurt.

New Yorkers are friendly and kind and helpful!  Service is excellent!  Wifi works, the subway is as nasty as Paris, but if you stay within the lit areas, and stay with the crowd, your chances of getting maimed are lowered.  The energy is gentler than it was 20 years ago, and Soho, alas has turned into a sprawling mall.


I came to New York this weekend because I wanted to find out, if an opportunity presented itself, would I be able to live here again.


Absolutely.  I love my Village Life in London.


But yes, I would move back.  In a New York minute.


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