The Academicians’ Room

Yesterday afternoon, I was kindly invited to the Jean-Etienne Liotard exhibition at the Royal Academy of Arts.


I was unfortunately not allowed to take more pictures.  Liotard was a peripatetic artist.  The rooms of the gallery showed many portraits he did for European royalty, and aristocracy.  I enjoyed a few of his paintings, but wasn’t quite convinced if he actually broke new ground.

Earlier that morning, I learnt about Futurism, and Kazmir Malevich.


His most important work was perhaps, the Black Square- simple, provocative and timeless.  Can you imagine the sheer genius and foresight he had, especially to have painted this in 1913?

The highlight of the afternoon was when our dear host suggested tea at the Academicians’ Room, within the Royal Academy.


We dodged the crowds at Ai Wei Wei, walked through quiet corridors to enter what felt like Aladdin’s cave;  vaulted ceilings, mis-matched comfy chairs, and a joyous display of contemporary art pieces.

Outside on Piccadilly Road, traffic chugged along.  But within the walls of the Academician’s Room, art, architecture and friendship, kept me spellbound.  There was nowhere else, I would have preferred to be.


  •  The Royal Academy of Arts, Burlington House, Piccadilly

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