Mr Popular

Lee Cheewee is one of my husband’s favourite friends.


The Business Development Director of a French Wine Company, Cheewee has been married for 20 years, and is the proud father a beautiful girl.


On fatherhood in his 40s, Cheewee feels such a responsibility and gift, has helped him become a better person.  Reflecting on fatherhood, marriage, and career at 46 years old, Cheewee shared that he thinks he is a late bloomer, and at this point in his life, really enjoying the present.


I’m enjoying this moment… but could maybe be better with a few more zeroes in my bank account!  He laughed.


He’s just one of those popular guys- all warmth, humour, very humble, and without fuss.

I’m not good at writing, so please forgive me.

Please, no need to apologise!  You shared so much!


I think women need to shut up and listen to men, give them a chance to speak…

Hahahaha!  Hence I hang out with the boys!


Cheewee is married to a Malay Muslim woman.  Race, religion, nationalities should not be obstacles to love, He said.  He also said, I think she is blind to marry me.


When asked what drew him to her, he noted her calm, gentle manners; her elegance.

Most men would be, he mused.

On the subject of Islam, Cheewee has not converted.  His wife and him keep an open mind towards varying beliefs, and their daughter is brought up with this sense of liberal mindfulness.

So far no religion is involved.  We will guide her accordingly.  I did not convert…I can’t change who I am…


Values/beliefs?  Life philosophy?  I asked.

Be yourself; stand up for your rights, your beliefs, but be humble… And take a breather, when shit hits the fan!


  • All photographs used, belong to Lee Cheewee.


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