Treat & Treat

Trick or Treat?


No tricks- it’s a Halloween of many treats.

For starters, my daughter is home, studying.  The days of having to supervise homework, figure out modules in math (!), algebraic equations, and guiding her through essay writing, English poets are far, far behind me.  (If you’re happy and you know it, clap your hands!)


Summie?  What are you studying?


Blood coagulation.

Oh.  Ok.

Blood coagulation, Mom.  It’s what happens when for instance, you cut yourself.

Oh.  Ok.

Mom?  May I have my dinner at 6:30pm?  

Sure, no problem!


This must be the reward.  To experience a daughter no longer a child, dependent, but a young woman, striding steadfastly away.

Another treat…

The dress I asked for, arrived, just as they said it would.

In reality it looked even better than on-line, with the red more muted in tone.


Someone said, Wow, it’s really very you!

Here’s one of the best things about being at mid-life- aside from the grown-up daughter, I really know who I am, what I’m about.  I really know my body- what works, what doesn’t, and how to hold my body before the camera, on stage, backstage, while walking down the street.

It’s a very empowering feeling, this knowledge of the self.  It’s something I’ve focused on during the Mother-dom years- teaching her, to unveil and know, herself.


The dress is what I will wear next Friday when I meet with strangers.  The dress will tell them a few things about me, because sometimes words get in the way.



Last treat?


A blow-out at Richard Ward.  Because tomorrow, Mrs Chan is going for Sunday lunch with friends who know her husband.  Mrs Chan is hardly sighted in London.  In Singapore, she grocery shops in heels, has concierge help with her dry-cleaning, and doesn’t bother washing, her own hair.

  • Red Valentino dress, at Matches.
  • Richard Ward Hair & Metrospa, 82 Duke of York Square

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