Friday Find

Today has been a lovely day- blue skies, light rain, and a riot of fall colours.


It’s the sort of day you feel in your heart, something wonderful will happen.

And something wonderful did!  I have an unexpected dinner guest!


She’s even staying the weekend!  Mom?  I’m hungry.  Mom?  I need to study.  Mom, do you miss me?


Off I went to the store.  I have a daughter to feed!


Along the way, I found a pair of ankle boots as well.


I’ve been angst-ing over getting new boots.  I own one pair.  They are the most comfortable pair of shoes I have.  I’ve had them for the last four years.


I wear them everywhere, as soon as there is a hint of chill.


I don’t take them off until the very end of spring.

I’ve even worn them to ride Dumpling once.  That’s how practical they are.

This fall though, a knee-high boot doesn’t feel quite as current for me.


Dear Francis makes that winning pair of Sprit boots.


I can’t walk in them.  Dear Francis also makes these Fly boots.

tumblr_nuj38xiFR61r9zxnho1_500 (photo credit- Dear Francis)

The heel is lower, and there is a sliver of plexi inserted.  Jane of Dear Francis patiently answered my queries.  The only way to purchase the Fly though, is on-line (Young British Designers).  My feet are so gnarled, in the end, I couldn’t bring myself to buy the boots without first trying them on, even as I wanted very much, to support the brand.

Square heels for support, a practical height for walking, slim rubber soles for London’s slippery streets, and a very streamlined shape-


Made in Italy, Swedish-designed, and would you believe my luck- a 10%  discount on all purchases made at Matches in my village, for the next 2 days.

‘Tis meant to be.


I came home, fixed dinner, did chores in my Friday Find.


I’ve not taken them off since.

  •  Boots- Acne Studios, Jensen Suede



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