Hair & Now

Early this morning on horseback, I was asked how often I coloured my hair.


Because your hair is so dark, how often do you have to colour to keep the blond?


Well I’ve only done it twice this year.  It’s been bleached…


Have you ever gone all blond?  And how blond?  Yes, like blonder and paler than you!

Were you a bit of a punk then?  Well, I was living in New York… you know you do different things at different points in your life… (Note to self- ask husband if he thought I was a punk.)



Hair for me, is truly a tricky hurdle one faces at mid-life.  With the failing eyes, you get help, start wearing reading glasses.  With skin, if you really must, there has to exist in Seoul, a doctor that won’t make you look too frozen.  Hair however is a harsh one.  I’ve tried some medicated spray to assist with hair loss.  My husband prescribed it to me.  For once, I was diligent with medication.  This diligence led to a hairy face.  Because growing a beard was not the objective, I ceased using that product, and simply bobbed my hair.


Not all bobs are equal.  You need a stylist who can cut a bob with swing and edge.  Otherwise, a bob can look very ageing.


Another riddle- what colour?  Here is a battle, the poor Asian woman especially, flounders at.  Because most of us have naturally dark hair (Black), and because of our skin tone (yellow), as the grey/white strands appear- one actually looks, unkept, or unruly.  So many Asian women simply colour their hair jet black, dark brown, or a red brown.  The irony is such a flat, atonal colour can be merciless, highlighting instead, the passing of time.

My mother was 49 when she became a grandmother.  She coloured and cut her own hair.

154943_109288189139799_8158449_n (Mother as grandmother in the middle)

In her 60s, she decided it was time to embrace the truth.


Wearing her hair au natural however, meant funking up her dress style, and keeping her hair very short.


The lesson here is, you lose hair colour, but you don’t have to lose, style.

At some point, my grandmother also threw out the hair dye.


As she laid in her coffin, we all agreed, she looked amazing!



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