Emotional State? Happy

Athletes and girls who love horses would understand, what it means to start the day on the right foot.


Fever?  Subsided.  Head?  Heavy.  Cold?  Persistent.  Chest?  Constricted.  Bruising?  Well, I can now stay vertical without pain.  Horse?  Relaxed and co-operating.  Emotional state?  Happy.


Very Happy!  My horse was relaxed and co-operating!



The weather forecast said, rain.  But I know a day that begins on the right footing, can only keep getting better.

Now in St Mawes…postcard pretty little town…

IMG_2184(photo received via Watsapp)

Do you know, Russell Wong?  Not the photographer, but the American actor?  Quite handsome as well?

maxresdefault (photo credit- Googled)

Met him long ago at Pusan Film Festival… Good looking guy.  I remember him to be a nice guy…

He does look like a nice guy.  I think he’s read my blog!

(Emotional State:  Happy.)


Welcome Back!  How may we help you today?


May we have tea together in the garden?




I learnt that with daylight savings, tea in the garden quickly becomes,


dinner in the dark.

Then the outdoor lights came on.


The feeling of being ensconced in a magical garden returned.  Bruno is parked on my lap, the champagne is delicious, and I’m thinking how very much I would love to speak with Russell Wong, share a bit of his story here.  I love it when people with talent dare and do.  I really admire hard work.


16:14 London,  0:14 Singapore-

Long but excellent day for me, Baby.


Thank you for working so hard.

Going to bed now.  

Love you, and proud of you.

Nite, nite.  XOXO

Emotional State?  Happy.

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