Mid-week Musing

My mom suggested that if Jimmy T was invited back as a guest on this blog, to not worry about writing content.


She said to just post and post as many pictures as possible of him instead.

Here’s what I love about this shot-


All the usual stereotypes of race, of gender are smashed.  Jimmy T the Asian male, becomes the object of desire and fantasy, while the beautiful, blond functions more as an afterthought, a flimsy accessory.  Spatially, the narrative is composed to express this reversal of roles as well. He’s centre stage, striding with purpose, multitasking.  She’s upstage, more distant from the viewer, and pacing behind him.  His eyes show intent.  Hers are vacant, Tell me where to go.

The new Bond film, Spectre, premiered at the Royal Albert Hall on Monday.  I really like Daniel Craig as Bond.

2DB3F31A00000578-0-image-a-17_1445879473261 (photo credit- Googled image, Jonathan Olley/ MGM)

It has a lot to do with the way he looks- not pretty.

daniel-craig-james_3248982k (photo credit- MGM, Googled)

I like to think if the world needs saving, 007 has grit and guts.  I’d trust a secret agent with a rough face, rough hands more, than one with dimples and a manicure.

Then as I listen to a few readers respond to Jimmy T, I can’t help but think, Jimmy would make such a good Bond!


You can almost hear him say, Shaken, not stirred

All he would have to do is work on a British accent.  I mean, the face of Great Britain is changing as we speak.  An Asian Bond may ruffle feathers, be too provocative for some.  But I can’t help musing- perhaps an Asian Bond brings a more contemporary, 21st century edge to character and plot.  Londoners are white, black, yellow, brown.  Of all the great cities, I’ve learnt, London is where the world congregates.


  •  All photographs with Jimmy T as model belong to him.
  • Images of Daniel Craig as Bond were googled, and belong to MGM.  Jonathan Olley’s name was found on one of the above images.


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