A Beautiful Man

Actor James Kastuyuki Taenaka (Jimmy T) is that presence you encounter on screen, in print, or in real life, that creates, pause.


He’s that man with X-factor, great genes, passion, talent, tenacity, humour and heart.


Speaking to me from LA, he explained that while traveling to Singapore with a Hollywood A-lister friend, he found himself in one of those right-place-right-time situations, where all childhood dreams of acting, simply took flight.

222085_19149736512_7835_n (The White Crane Chronicles)

204934_10150177678906513_2273580_o ( a Henning Mankell film)

Jimmy sent me recent head shots.


I was curious to find out, from a man’s perspective, what it is like to be this good looking.  Did being a recognised face get in the way of meeting people, forming real ties?


Jimmy shared that when his career took off, it made introductions a lot easier.  He found women in Singapore to generally be, friendly, with no airs.


From a guy’s perspective, when we meet women, it is easy-going with friendly conversation and laughter that is gold… Because either she may be interested, or it leaves an open door for her to introduce you to her single friends.  The most difficult part is the match for longevity.


I’ve always felt nervous because I am normally shy in front of new people.. But once you get to know me?  A whole different story… a good one, I hope!


I’ve learnt that by being quiet, one can be mistaken for somebody unapproachable.


The greatest challenge for me when I was dating- staying focused on the relationship… I was seriously focused on my career…


Ladies take my advice-  Do not date a young actor!


What do you look for in a woman?

A woman with a focus- whether it’s in business or the arts…self-cultivating…a great sense of humour… positive outlook on life, and not the fake kind… plus comes from a good family… family values.


And when you found what you were looking for, did you have the courage to go for it/did you at any point hesitate?

I learnt not to set myself up for any downfall.  I feel the safest and best way is patience, and let it happen naturally, if there is any outcome… when all the planets align…


Do you like being married?

I love it!  Found the right person who can tolerate me.  Yay!  


#Fortunate #Blessed #Isn’tSheLucky

The hardest bit about being married?

In our marriage, being away from each other; which I feel can also be a great thing as it amps up the next meeting with each other.


Jimmy acknowledges that looks play an important role in his career, especially in Asia.


I am never content with my career… I am always in constant forward motion as times are changing even faster, so I feel it is important to know what is in the know-in… Hopes, fears will always be there because I am passionate about my career.  Once I stop feeling hope, fear… then game over.


To my 20-year-old self?  Son!  Work hard during your younger years so you can have the option to relax and enjoy your life, or you can continue working.  To my 60-year-old-self-  Can you look back and say you have no regrets and a few dreams to pursue…


  •  (Jimmy is married to Lim Li Li.)
  • All photographs belong to Jimmy T and used with his permission.

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