Six Degrees

6:33am:  Good morning!  Greetings from Kensington!  Arrived yesterday evening.  How’s it going!?

Good morning!  Welcome!!!  I got hurt quite badly 2 days ago, and no, was not even on a horse!


You’re up early?

Jet lag!!  Oh no, not again!!  What happened?  Are you in one piece?


Bus driver was daydreaming and I was sent flying…


Aiyah!  Looks like you are a crash magnet!!

Plans today?


Meeting my cousin, his wife and kid.  Tonight will be at diner with my kid and photographer colleague.  You are welcome to join anytime if feeling up to it…

Won’t be intruding?

Nah.  Do you know my cousin?  Maybe Jon knows…


1pm, 10 Greek Street

10_Greek_Street_1_289745c (photo credit- The Times)

Hello, I’m Tammy… Ok, my husband put things in perspective.  I think you’re friends with my brother-in-law David?  You went to high school together?  My mother-in-law was also your teacher?

(Squeals of recognition, easy laughter, big smiles exchanged.)

Do you know—?  Are you Tammy the dancer?  You know my brother?  Gosh!  And how is-   I’m goingtosendatexttohimnow- whattimeisitin-?  CanItakeapictureof – ?


(More laughter, and girl banter!)

So what do you do in London?  Her husband, his cousin asked.

Erm.  I’m trying really hard to stay out of trouble.


Handshakes become hugs, and two hours of full-on chatter end with kisses.  There is no icy wall placed between strangers who are linked by land and family.  Singapore is 4 degrees north of the equator, sunny and humid all year round.  That heat can encourage irritability, impatience, or lethargy.  But as I grow older, and now live in a cold, wet city, I see that the heat also prompts, a people of warmth.





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