Number Sixteen

The accident on Bus 88 left me shaken.  Ordinarily I am better at coping with accidents and injury, having experienced worse.  But yesterday was not an ordinary sort of day.


So I skipped class, and hurried back towards Chelsea to get Bruno instead.

But as I was walking along Onslow Gardens, I decided to really pause, collect and calm myself.


Fall is here.  My favourite season.  The colours if I paid attention, are glorious.


There is a sense of song, if I only cared to listen.

I made a detour to Number Sixteen.


Before I discovered black interiors, a very dog-friendly alternative, and a more pleasant location at Blakes, Number Sixteen was my London bolt hole.


Because I was such a regular guest, the hotel made an exception to their no-dog policy, allowing Bruno to stay.


My impromptu decision was a wise one.  I walked into Kit Kemp’s cheerful play of colours and textures, and immediately felt the woes of Wednesday wash away.


They’ve done a little refurbishing recently.  The conservatory where afternoon tea is served, has been expanded, and freshly furnished.

IMG_2049 IMG_2051

I felt a rush of pleasure when the crockery was laid because I am a sucker for details.


I really like how we can compose and influence space, simply by locating objects and bodies.  It felt as if I was experiencing a still life painting.

Each room is decorated differently in this hotel.



What’s similar though, is the use of wood elements, over-sized padded headboards for the beds, print-on-print, animal and floral motifs, and just a sense of jubilation in the use of colour.

L1060881 L1060962

I’ve visited one of her other hotels on Dorset Square once.  The dining space in the basement looks like this.


Apple green and white, wood elements, white sculptural pieces, and the requisite sky-light to flood an otherwise dim space with natural light.

In general, the feel is uplifting, feminine.  Service is excellent; there is even a private garden to enjoy.


I recommended Number Sixteen to my mother the last time she visited.  The hotel scores high on convenience and thoughtful interiors.

My mother however, booked the smallest room… So here’s a tip.  If you are going to spend on location and X factor, best perhaps to just splurge.


Poor Mom was given a room the size of her master bathroom in New Zealand, sans of course, views of the Southern Alps.

964484_478651885536759_1745972799_o(view from Mom’s bathroom)

For in a space that is too confined, print-on-print-on print can quickly become, cacophonous.


  •  Number Sixteen- 16 Sumner Place, SW7 3EG

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