Monday Musing

I like Mondays, especially when I am self-employed.


Mondays for me is about cleaning house, getting all the paperwork for the week done, sorting out stories, and hustling like mad.


I get to do all this in PJs(!), in the comfort of my own home.


In between when I need to move, Bruno and I take walks through the Commons, or head downhill to buy produce from the Village Farmer.


My daughter asks, Which is the best decade?

40s, for sure, I reply without hesitation.  20s was pretty good as well, until I…  30s?  A complete blur spent working very, very hard.

73911_10150114672948902_5420563_n(Photo credit: Elle Singapore- hard work!)

Kiren is right.  At 45, we truly are at the middle of life.  There is less time ahead, than what has passed before.


Emails?  Sent.  Reservations for hotelS?  Made.  Air plane tickets?  Purchased.  Bus Tickets?  Er, to be arranged.  Meeting with Program Directors?  One cancelled, one to be confirmed.  Train tickets- groan, I still have yet to clear my ironing pile.


But, Monday’s not quite over yet!


There’s still 5 more hours of productivity if I don’t linger and daydream.


Rainy Days and Mondays?  Don’t quite get me down.

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