Pretty Pink

I’ve sort of ceased wearing colour since moving to London 3 summers ago.  It happened without thought.


In NYC, I used to wear this same palette of black, white, and more black.  In Singapore, I prefer some print, because the light is relentlessly bright there, and we do live surrounded by the sea.


Black is utilitarian, efficient, clean.  I like its simplicity, its directness.  It’s a colour that doesn’t waver when it speaks.


I also like, co-ordinating with, Bruno.



This past weekend, I found another Ukulele dress at Yifeng’s store.IMG_1803

I think it’s called the Pop dress, and it’s part of Ukulele’s Fall 2015 collection.

The weather turned cold; the shot of pink seemed to echo this surge of joy I feel.


It’s an easy dress to wear.  The neck can be buttoned up to fit more snugly and to sit higher.  I like the quiet detailing, and subtle whimsy- pink zipper down the side, curved hemline, and the print on the top half of the dress.


It does a great job multitasking.



Today was another busy day spent commuting and running all over London.  I threw the dress back on.  At Central St Martins, I was stopped by 3 different strangers and asked what I was currently studying, at school…


To one perplexed student, I explained gently- I think I’m old enough to be your mother.


In the afternoon I visited Concept Store Y.  Instead of returning the dress, I decided, at 1xx pounds, there is room in my closet for pretty pink.


Concept Store Y, 57A Brewer Street


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