A Lil’ Bit Country

Hello again, High Fever.  Please go away.


It’s the weekend, and I would like to go for Sunday Roast with Kiren!


Back in the days when we both lived within Zone 1, we sometimes hosted Sunday Roast at respective homes.


These days, we like meeting in Soho.


But if Soho feels too seedy, and you would like a little bit of country smack in Central London?  I suggest venturing 5 mins north of Oxford Street…


to Newman Street Tavern, in Fitzrovia.


The interiors feel homey, conveying a sense of upscale country chic.


There is a bustling vibe; a reservation is needed to secure a table.  The crowd is trendy, my fish generously salted.


In terms of British culture, I do so love horses, hounds, afternoon tea, and Yorkshire pudding!


Bruno concurs.


  •  Newman Street Tavern, 48 Newman Street


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