Cabin Fever

I returned from Paris with a crazy Continental bug.


All week, I have had a debilitating fever, the chills, and an unhappy stomach.


Paris without wifi also delivered a deft blow to my poor blog!

Last night, or was it early this morning, Amy said- Are you feeling better?  All that writing!


My (physio) therapist in Singapore said something to me early this year that has since been imprinted in my waking moments.


Keep on, keeping on, He said.

Keep on, keeping on- I tell myself over and over again.

Day 4 of high fever, chills, wounded belly, and immense self-pity, I forced myself to start the day on the correct note.


Then, because I gave my word, I put on the Lori dress by Ukulele.


Together, we went for afternoon tea.


Aside from the horse, Afternoon Tea is another English habit, I love.  There is something so calming, ritualistic almost, about sitting down, and being served food that is delicately laid out.  It doesn’t quite matter that I don’t even have a sweet tooth.  I enjoy the sliced sandwiches, the starched white table cloth, the cutlery.  I enjoy, the champagne.


I wanted to try a different venue, and needed a place that would welcome Bruno.


The Egerton House Hotel on a quiet street in Knightsbridge, offered us much reprieve.


Tea was served in a cosy drawing-room, just off the main reception area.  While the interiors were not quite extraordinary, service was.


The hotel had the feel of a comfortable London home; one whose grandeur was whispered in muted tones.


After 3-star accommodation in the City of Lights, it was really quite healing to experience 5-star service, and attentive details especially in bathroom styling again.

I am a sucker for details.  Like Fabric-covered walls.


In the bathroom!


Square-shaped, cotton hand towels, flowering live orchids, proper bottled toiletries, jar of potpourri and marbled counter tops…


My fever diminished!


Two hours passed in a gentle manner.


Knightsbridge is really not a hood I like much.  But if you are visiting London and want to stay somewhere safe, central and within walking distance to the Natural History Museum, V & A, Hyde Park, and (SHUDDER) Harrods, and like the idea of a boutique hotel, the Egerton House Hotel is like that pot of gold, waiting at rainbow’s end.


IMG_1759 IMG_1701

(I would love to wear it with a tulle petticoat.)



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