Paris Fashion Week (Part 2)

I’m really learning so much about Fashion and the Business of Fashion.

IMG_1622(Bav Tailor on the runway!)

Similar to a major arts festival with fringe events, I’ve learnt that Fashion Week is an umbrella sheltering more intimate platforms.  This past weekend, I went to Paris to support Bav, and to seek out other emerging designers at the Paris Collections, organised by a company called, Oxford Fashion Studio


Backstage before the first show began, Bav showed me her six pieces for the night.  My imagination fled Paris; and suddenly I found myself enveloped by this dress on Naoshima island, come November.


I also met a cheerful designer from Singapore!


Ariel Chen makes imaginative jewellery!  A fashion graduate of Temasek Polytechnic in Singapore, she then trained in jewellery design at the London College of Fashion, where her thesis collection ‘Dark Opulence’, attracted the attention of Harper’s Bazaar, China.


Ariel explained to me that her collection was inspired by the works of photographer Daniel Beltra, whose aerial photography captures environmental damage.  She used an array of materials- copper, Swarovski crystals, beads, plastic dip, vintage feathers, to deliberately express the irony of an ornamental piece, found from destruction.


She referenced coral reefs, oil stains in this piece.  I asked how to wear it- apparently just slip in on my head, and have the “oil stains” cascading down the side of my face. Which means, the sense of destruction, literally worn close.


It’s like Butoh- I said to Ariel.  Dance of darkness, finding beauty in horror, or sadness.


I watched two shows that evening.  Altogether, 18 designers were presented.


Designers that stood out for me were, Kerber and Bav Tailor.

Kerber showed clean silhouettes and assured crafting, in materials that flowed with ease.

IMG_1584 IMG_1590

Bav Tailor also showed superior craft work, and elegant simplicity.

IMG_1612 IMG_1616

I spotted another Bav Tailor ensemble that would make an effortless outfit for long flights and train travel as well…


All 18 designers seemed to rejoice in the female form.  Sensuality, sexuality were boldly explored, and expressed by a cacophonous chorus.

IMG_1627 IMG_1630

It really felt like watching dance for me.  As with dance, there can be drama-


and that rare glimpse of poetry.


After a while, like watching too much dance, my eyes got tired, and my mind drifted.  I started thinking the way I do, when I watch dance…  It’s not easy to choreograph something beautiful.  Maybe forget about the clothes, and just work on an accessory line…


Whenever I find myself in meandering mind mode, I know it is time for me to leave.


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