October began at 3am, when Bruno leapt off the bed, informing me he needed to go potty.

At 3am?  Do you really have to? 


The rest of the day passed in a blur.  I remember getting on a horse at 9am.


I remember falling asleep and missing my stop on the tube at slightly past, 1pm.

At 5pm, we got home beating rush hour traffic.


And just as I was about to congratulate myself for having the evening ahead to sort out administration and laundry, I received some rather upbeat news, requiring instant action.

Hey Tammy!  Yifeng wrote me… Let me know the size please 🙂

I called the store immediately.  Agaroszak is another brand that had caught my eye at London Fashion Weekend.  I then sent out a hello/wondering email, and Aga the designer was enthusiastic about my ideas.


I threw my jacket on, leashed Bruno and got back on the first train to Central London.  50 minutes later-


Saturday’s wardrobe woes, solved!  Thanks, so much, Aga!


On Watsapp, Bav said-  Ok, I’ve added your name on the list plus backstage… It will be so cool for you to be backstage with me!…  What time will you be arriving in Paris?


3 pm, I replied.  I love being backstage!

DSC05002 (Backstage at the Esplanade Theatres on the Bay, photo credit- Tseyun Choo)

More messages-  Hi Tammy, X passed on your contact number… I’m Kerry from restaurant ABC in Paris.  Do let me know if 9:30pm works for you?  Thank you.


It’s a little past midnight now.  Hello October 2.


October 2, Paris-bound.




YIKES.  I better go pack!

  •  For more information about Agaroszak, and to purchase what I am wearing, please see http://agaroszak.com

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