Nocturnal Activity

My nocturnal activities tend to be restricted as I don’t have help with Bruno in the evenings, and Mr Separation Anxiety cannot be left alone.


It’s always a rare treat to chance upon an activity that welcomes him along.


Last night, Wimbledon Village Stables organised a painting event, with PopUp Painting, at the Dog and Fox Pub in my village.


No painting experience was required.


All that was required really, was a sense of humour and willingness to have, fun.


Everything else was catered for- paints, brushes, palette, easel, canvas, water, smock…


There was even a teacher who broke the painting (Blue Stallion, by Maxwell Dickson) down into specific lines, shapes and colours, gently leading us, every step of the way.


Cover your canvas with the blue you just mixed up, and then with a clean brush, add a white splash, just about here, He said.


Now, draw a semi-circle from the edge of the canvas to…


I loved how as we all followed along, everyone responded to the same set of intructions in their own, individualistic ways.


Wow!  Dee Dee’s horse has a certain elegance I could not visualise in mine.  I suspect it’s because I’m in love with Dumpling.  He’s a great horse, but looking nobel isn’t quite in his bag of tricks.


It was also lovely to be in the company of friends, women whom I admire on horseback and off.


Which then made me remember, that even in its most casual state, art has the power to draw people near.


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