If Music Be The Food of Love…

If music be the food of love?  Play on.


Because Leslie said to me today, that he does believe in love.

For a generation of music-lovers in our native Singapore, Leslie Tan needs no introduction.  The charismatic cellist of the internationally acclaimed Tang Quartet, is as intoxicating on-stage, as he is, off.  I love working with Leslie, because we bring to the rehearsal space, the same discipline and passion for our work.  In the framework of what we do, he makes me feel, safe.

images (photo credit- Spare Room Productions)

I do believe in love…


I also believe that we have the capacity to love more than one person at the same time… I have never believed in “The One”.  That’s very limiting, don’t you think?

Talking to Leslie, sometimes feels like I’m having a conversation with my male self!

Attraction is a strange thing.  Sometimes I am drawn to people and things I never imagined I would like…. I suppose as one grows, one changes.


I never really thought if I was attractive or not.


Over the years, I began to have an inkling that some people find me attractive.  I was awkward and gangly growing up… so it certainly helps my confidence.

What do you find attractive in a woman?

To be able to articulate your thoughts- that’s attractive.  I like that in a woman.


Someone I can have a conversation and share ideals with.  Simplicity is good.  No shopping?  Even better!

Happy (Belated) Birthday, Leslie!


Just hit 51.  I am beginning my next half century and things still look as exciting and as scary.  Maybe scarier than when I was 21!  When you are older, despite some measure of success, there is a race against time!  I wish I could go on for another 100 years!


  •  All photographs belong to Leslie Tan, and are used with his permission.

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