Sincerely Yours

One month ago, dearest Zen, suggested that I attempt, WordPress.

I’v not slept much, since.


Sleep is elusive because my brain’s fired up.  There are too many ideas to research and pursue, too many stories need telling.

In my previous life as Tammy L Wong, I built a dance career from absolute nothingness in of all cities, my native Singapore.

335887_154077701369996_635848735_o (photo credit- Prestige Magazine, Singapore)

My daughter was 2 years old.  I was 28, unemployed, very displaced.  For the first time in my life since I began dancing, dance felt so far away.  It was my daughter who then gave me the courage to break out of that somnolent state.  I felt I really needed to make something of my life, for her.

IMG_3519 (photo credit- Dramaplus Arts)

One day in 1998, Roger Jenkins (Dramaplus Arts) offered me a platform to create half an evening of dance.  The other half was to be shared with an established, award-winning choreographer.  At the 11th hour, the unexpected happened.  Roger asked if I thought I could pull the whole evening off by myself.  I did not hesitate with my answer.

The dance I made to complete the evening was called, Child.  I left the wonderful artistic team and job security offered by Roger and Dramaplus Arts, after Child.

861145_344016029042828_1729987747_o (Child 1999, Singapore Arts Festival Late Night Series)

In Child, there was a cast of 10, made up of trained dancers, and just “regular” folk.  The idea was to break the boundaries of what theatrical dance could be.  Everyone had to learn choreography.  Everyone had to speak.  And many, often sang.  The compositional structure that supported Child, was built on the stories each performer brought to the rehearsal space.   Ok, give me a date from childhood, don’t think too hard, something happened… what?

DSC04924 (photo credit- Tseyun Choo)

I’m talking about Child today because as of this evening, the total views on this blog is 10,308.



So what has Child got to do with Bruno and Tammy?


Everything.  Bruno and Tammy taps on the same skill sets needed off-stage/off-line, on-stage/on-line.  Conceptually, Bruno and Tammy also shares the same scaffolding as Child.

IMG_2571 (photo credit- Desmond Chong)

The guests featured on this site, are all people who have moved me.  When invited, almost all of them say to me- how ordinary they are.  Some, understandably so, take a bit of coaxing.  My belief as with the making of Child remains- it is in the ordinary that poetry, is found.

IMG_2570 (About Last Night, photo credit- Esplanade Theatres on the Bay)

And don’t we all need that little bit of magic and dance?  And what better way to push on then by celebrating together, our foibles and triumphs?

IMG_2574 (photo credit- The Necessary Stage)

So thank you very much, dear reader, for stopping by.  Thank you, for sharing my posts, and helping me generate traffic!  And in no particular order, thank you- Amy, Carrie, Kiren, Chris, Darren, Serene, Steve, Yee Ling, Chandran, May, Iris, Kelly, Bav, Jane.

Thank you for trusting me with your stories.  I like to think that in the narration, someone somewhere feels, encouraged; that we collectively, made our world, just that bit a better place.

Sincerely Yours,



5 thoughts on “Sincerely Yours

  1. Thank You Tammy for all the hard work collecting these stories and even contributing to Singapore’s local dance scene that I, way too often, take for granted:)
    Hope to be able to talk to you more about your work in the Christian Dance Ministry as I am exploring venturing into full-time dancing and choreographing, WOULD REALLY APPRECIATE IT:)


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