Skin on Sunday (Product Review)

I’m knackered.  Woke up today with Sunday skin.


Decided to use what’s left of the Polishing Peel received from Nu Skin to slough off dead cells, and brighten my dull, fatigue complexion.


As with the previous experience, my skin looked just that much clearer, once exfoliated.


Vivian Teh, an Executive Distributor of Nu Skin had also sent me other samples.


(If this is the first time you are visiting my blog, please may I offer some perspective- you are looking at the face of a 45-year old woman, who has not done anything to alter her skin/features, and who has spent the last 20 years, shielding from the sun, even while living a very active, outdoorsy sort of life.)


Vivian suggested I try the Facelift Powder and Activator, after using the peel.  She gave specific instructions.


I had to mix the powder with the liquid thingy.


I wasn’t sure how much was needed, so I just used about half the amount given to me.

Then I spread the above mixture onto my face, and went back to  bed.IMG_1301

Because Vivian had advised a supine position for enhanced results.

IMG_1305 (Bruno on my belly, keeping an eye on progress…)

Although I had only spread what felt like a thin layer, there was an immediate, persistent stinging sensation.

Within minutes, my face began to feel like it was tightly encased in plastic.


The stinging sensation subsided as the feeling of being saran-wrapped continued…


I could move my facial muscles if I concentrated hard.

Seven minutes passed.  I lost my patience.  I have a dog to walk.


Here’s what my skin looked like, once the mask was washed off.


Definitely much more even-toned than before I began, if you compare this picture with the very first one I took.  Note that all photographs were taken in the same spot, and light.  None of the photographs have been edited in any way, and I am not wearing any make-up.

Verdict-  Nu Skin makes good stuff.  I feel so much cleaner and fresher.


Thank you, Nu Skin!

Did my skin become firmer or more youthful, or got lifted with this one try?  Honestly?  I don’t think so.  Maybe I need to use the product repeatedly/for longer periods, so as to have more objectivity.

Vivian also kindly sent me the Ageloc Day Cream with spf 22, and the Ageloc Night Cream.  But when I looked at both samples, they looked too similar.  I could not tell them apart.  So I threw my glasses back on, and headed out.  Because Bruno, needed to walk.


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