Asudari at London Fashion Weekend

I spotted the dress from across the cavernous room.

IMG_1233 IMG_1236

Something about the print, engaged me.


Lamia Alsudairi is the designer of Asudari.  Our paths crossed yesterday when I walked over to inquire about the dress.  American-born, she was raised and educated in England.  Trained at Central St Martins here in London, she refers to herself as a print-designer working with clothes.

Enigmatic and warm, she kindly shared with me her obsession with prints, dressing me in a few pieces from her collection.


Launched in Dubai last year, Asudari has already attracted press attention.  Vogue Italia for instance, named her as one of the 8 emerging designers to watch.


Lamia explained to me that the print on the dress is actually inspired by guns.  Look carefully, and one can trace the outline of guns, tumbling down the garment.  An ethnic Saudi Arabian, Lamia as an artist, was reacting to the prevalence of war in ancestral lands.  She wanted to offer an alternative perspective to the gun, deliberately using something harsh, cold, and then placing it in the context of something intimate, soft- a fitted dress.

Because print is what drives her, the Asudari silhouette is kept clean and simple.  There is a sense of the contemporary in the high-waisted trousers, worn with a short, midriff bearing top.


Lamia also talked about the theme of geometry, a nod perhaps to her Bedouin heritage, that threads through all her work; that subject matter for her, is not blatant, but hidden.

  •  For more information on Asudari, please see
  • The dress mentioned usually retails at 4xx pounds, but for London Fashion Weekend, is offered at 1XX pounds.  Asudari’s booth is on the ground floor, within the left-most gallery space, upon entering the Saatchi Gallery (King’s Road).

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