The Empty Nest

Once upon a time, I had a little pup.


Because childcare help was limited, and because I wanted to raise a daughter who would understand the value of female potential, hard work and creative thinking, I simply brought her to work with me.


My daughter grew up backstage, and in the dance studio.  She has sat through countless rehearsals, watched me direct, teach over and over again.


She has met some of the very best of Singaporean and American artists.  She has experienced so many talented dancers striving.  I believe each and every one of them, must have left clues for her- how to be, who to be, what to be, as she grew up.

On the night of her 19th birthday, she ironed a pile of clothes, packed her bags, sealed her boxes.


I stole a peek at her, when she was not looking.

The day after her birthday, a dear friend and her husband, helped move my daughter north of the Thames.

Later that afternoon, I returned with her to her new room.  Together we tried to re-arrange the furniture to lift and lighten the room.  Before evening, she sent me off.  Her parting words to me were-

Mom?  I’m going to suck it up.


On Tuesday, she texted-  I met this postgrad guy from Fiji who is deaf, so I think it gave me a reality check…If he can do it, so can I!

My nest is empty.  But my heart?  My heart is full.


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