To Birkin, Or To Kelly…

To Birkin?


Or to Kelly?


That is a question many have asked.  I think, if you really need an answer to calm a palpating heart, best get on one of those on-line forums where everything is discussed including size, quality of leather, and which store has the friendliest of SAs.

Personally I don’t have that much patience for bag talk.  But May’s recent comments on my previous post, Talking Bag, prompted tonight’s musings.


Honestly?  Here’s what I think- Buy whatever you like, and wear it with absolute confidence, because the bags cost.  If you are going to blow money, you should at least get enjoyment from the experience.

But if you were to ask me why I bought what I bought?  Well.


Personal Taste:  Contrary to popular belief, I actually feel the Kelly works better with a more active/casual lifestyle like mine.  Yes, it has a strict formality to its design.  Yes, Grace Kelly was a Princess while Jane Birkin was the Queen of Boho.  But here is where my tendency to juxtapose things come into play.  It’s je ne sais quoi.  The Kelly looks great when it is not taken so seriously.


After all, it’s just a bag.  It needs to multi-task, make my life easier, not sit enshrined on my arm.

It also looks great in an XL size, especially when framed against a size 0 body.


The silhouette created by a bigger bag somehow looks fresh, because the Kelly, like the Birkin in the “wrong” size, expresses that dreadful Ladies-Who-Lunch look.

And because I live between cities and never bother packing luggage, the Kelly does a terrific job  meeting traveling needs.


A size-40 Kelly though, weighs quite a bit, even when empty.  Since I’ve broken my arm, I no longer have the strength to haul it about as much.  But for every cloud, there is a silver lining.  Hermes makes beautiful bags that withstand time.  In the absence of Kelly, there’s always, the Bolide.


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