Still Life

It was raining all day today, but that did nothing to dampen spirits, as Bruno and I headed north to the showroom of Dear Frances.


Jane Frances, whom I also met through Instagram, had so kindly sent me a pair of her Tier Brogues I know you will wear them well!


She then warmly invited me to view the Spring Summer Collection, presented in conjuction with London Fashion Week.


Her 4th Collection is titled, Still Life.  Jane explained that this season for her, is about creating a sense of stillness and calm.  The idea is to “still” life.  Her favourites are-

The Natalie


The Spirit Boot


and the Poser Mule.


Dear Frances is about 2 years old, and steadily making waves.  The current recipient of the Joe Meltzer Award for design excellence sponsored by the British Footwear Association, Jane explained to me that hers is a brand with longevity in mind.  Her biggest hope at this point is to “continue developing the identity of the brand so it has its own voice, so that it sits apart.”  She speaks enigmatically about how much she has enjoyed the “personal growth of the brand”.


The shoes are all made in Milan, at a factory she herself once worked at.  The materials are also sourced from Italy.  Jane is obsessed with details, the play of textures, lines and silhouettes.  She talks about architecture, and again about lines, explaining to me, that her stilettos stand apart because of the lines they cast and create.  She talks about being able to create the perfect “last”.  We laugh about living with no regrets, and the wonderful juxtaposition of less is more.  Like myself, Jane is in pursuit of simplicity, but it is simplicity with thought and attention, and in this pursuit, simplicity becomes so much harder to express.


The aesthetic is seductive in its clarity and strict architecture.  Playfulness is subtly hinted at with the use of white accents.  “The crux of the brand is strength and elegance,” Jane said to me.

By the end of my visit, I succumbed to less is more, is more, and asked to try on, the Spirit Boot.


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