Mad Hatter’s Afternoon Tea

To celebrate her 19th birthday, my daughter and I had tea at the Sanderson Hotel in Fitrovia.


What I liked most:

  •  Such a wonderful and playful sense of whimsy in the presentation and serving of tea.
  • Details, details, details!  The tea pots had crowns, the sponge cake bore the face of a clock, sugar cubes were kept in a musical box complete with a ballerina doll, and the menu slipped between pages of a story book.
  • IMG_0883
  • The vegetarian menu was inventive.  There was a free flow of tea, hot drinks and sandwiches.
  • Service was excellent and informative.
  • We were given a nice table by the courtyard.  There was outdoor heating, and it did have the fleeting feel of a hidden secret, offering relief from Oxford Street.
  • IMG_0894

Wasn’t crazy about:

  •  The architecture, decor and styling of the hotel.  So much thought was put into the presentation and experience of tea, that the building housing tea was for me, a let down.  The poor hotel had the look of a fashion victim, caught wearing all of last season’s ‘It’ labels and unfortunate trends.

Sanderson Hotel Mad Hatter’s Afternoon Tea, 50 Berners Street, 020 7300 1400

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