24 hrs in Milan, Part 3: La Dolce Vita

It was my first time in Milan.  I had 24 hours.  The objective of the trip was to meet fashion designer, Bav Tailor, exchange ideas, pick up a dress.


I found the city compact, easy to navigate.  There’s a choice of public transportation.  In general, everything felt much cleaner (and safer) than Paris or NYC.


I chose a hotel situated right in the heart of Milan for sheer convenience.


Hotel The Gray, San Raffaele 6.  5 stars for convenience, size of room, privacy, amenities offered, and service.  Decor-wise, not my cup of tea.  Over designed, bordering on tacky, with tired bathrooms.  Would I stay there again?  Yes.


As I climbed up the stairs at Duomo metro stop, this was what I saw.


Then I exited the station, and saw Duomo in her full glory.

IMG_0848 IMG_0639

It’s not possible to walk pass here each time, and not stop and stare, and feel a little paralysed.


Arrivare!  I declared on Instagram and Facebook.  Somethings make you feel so jubilant and so alive, it’s hard to hold it within yourself.

In the evening for an aperitif, Bav took me to La Rinascente, right next to my hotel.  At the very top, there’s food and vino.  You can sit outside, drink in sunset views.  You can also pick up foodstuff and good coffee as well.

IMG_0687 IMG_0691

Then we walked around the plaza to shoot Bav’s Lokya Cloud Dress.


My idea was to express to potential clients, that a high-fashion dress looks best when treated casually.  Bav Tailor made in Italy, can be worn for ceremony, but it can also be worn, walking my dog.


Galleria Vittorio Emmanuelle II.  One of the oldest malls in the world- crazy beautiful architecture.  Gosh, I’ve come a long way from South Coast Plaza in the OC!


Before I came, I had asked Spice if he knew how to get the infamously impossible to obtain ticket to see the Last Supper.  Pray?  He suggested.


Pray, I did.  And thinking out of the box.


Unesco-listed, Santa Maria dell Grazie.


For some reason, it reminded me of the Portuguese Church in Malacca.  I really liked the idea that such a precious work of art depicting Christ, was housed on a wall of a modest church.


No photography was allowed in the chapel.  We entered in small groups of about 20.

It was one of those moments when I looked at a painting, and nearly burst into tears.  I just could not believe I was looking at this da Vinci masterpiece.  The magnitude of the story captured, what it means to the Christian faith, felt almost too heavy to bear.

On the opposite wall, there was another mural depicting the crucification painted by another artist.  Along one side of the chapel, there was a frieze- like depiction of The Last Supper.  I learnt that this was actually a “painting in braille”, so that a blind visitor, could also experience the work.  It took some discipline to not run my fingers on it.

Too soon it was time to go.  En route back, I saw-




I would have loved to visit La Scala, and 10 Corso Como, but I ran out of time.

So I sat down to eat at where I feared would be a tourist trap, but Papa Francesco on via Marino Tommaso turned out to be warm hospitality, comfort food, and good cheer.


Ah, la dolce vita.  Ciao, Milano!

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