24 hrs in Milan, Part 2: Introducing, Bav Tailor

Exactly at 18:30hrs, Bav showed up at my hotel, with her Lokya Cloud Dress for me.


We hugged, we kissed, we squealed, we giggled.  It was a true meeting of like-minded creative women, with shared values towards this life.


Bav is a first-generation British-born Indian.  Her parents are from Africa.  Many of her childhood years were spent in Nigeria.  She describes herself as, “a 3rd culture nomad”.  In speech and in person, she is both economical and eloquent, articulating with much grace and gentleness; quite like the clothes she makes.


The collection reflects who I am, she told me.  I would not add a piece into the collection, that I would not wear myself.


Being my first collection, I wanted to reflect who I am.  I’m not someone of many words.


Bav has lived and worked in Milan for the last 9 years.  For now, she still works a full-time job in luxury fashion, while working on her own line.


It has taken me being in a city that is the complete opposite as to who I am, to be comfortable with who I am.  For now, Italy is my home, because I’ve really surrounded myself with good people.  I love my yoga centre.  And, she added with a laugh, I do love to have a good expresso!


Brand philosophy?  Brand ethos?  I asked.


To respect your body, and your sphere, to try and allow movement in the pieces, while respecting the sphere, she replied.


Bav explained that the collection is divided into six categories, each catering for a different body type.  For example, Lokya means, ‘freedom’, so the Lokya Cloud Dress embodies the concept of freedom, as it is “very roomy”.


There is also the concept of “dualism”, that a piece, can be worn more than one way.  For instance, the coat that can be unzipped to be a vest, or draped as a dress.


Bav is adamant that the collection is made in Italy, and works closely with a pattern-maker to realise her vision.  She is as adamant about working with fabrics that are sourced in an eco-friendly manner.  And she is adamant about giving back- that a percentage of sales earned, would one day fund a school for disadvantaged girls.


Bav also shared that her last name, ‘Tailor’, is the English interpretation of her original Indian family name, ‘Darji’.  I come from the caste of tailors, my grandfather had an atelier.  I can sew.  I never go on holiday without a needle and thread.


Bav is extremely grateful to her family, especially her mother, and her partner for their support.  Next month, she will present her collection in Paris, and has her sights set on Japan, Korea, and Singapore.

The Bav Tailor girl, she said.  Is nonchalant.  Understated.  Not afraid to speak her voice.  An Existentialist.  She does and wears things for a purpose, not just by chance.  Multicultural, worldly.  She creates style without trends.  She doesn’t follow fashion.  It comes naturally, no matter her money situation.  


  •  All photographs of the Bav Tailor collection belong to Bav Tailor.

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