24 hrs in Milan, Part 1: Clothed in Cloud

Bav and I met on Instagram.  Yesterday, we arranged to meet in Milan where she lives and works.


I was wondering if she would be interested in dressing me for some upcoming events.  I had some ideas I wanted to share.  I was especially curious about her Lokya Cloud Dress.

IMG_0631 (photo credit- Bav Tailor)

Ta Da!


It’s a beautiful dress.  I love its sculptural, almost architectural quality in shape and construction.


There is a deceptive simplicity to the dress.


For with its simplicity, comes a very quiet sense of chic.


It’s a dress for movement and ease.


I enjoyed it so much, I wore it again today.


Another wonderful thing about the dress is that it is completely made of organic cotton that is eco-friendly.  The inside of the dress is lined with silk from India.


This dress is part of Bav Tailor’s first collection to be launched in the near future.  I feel so touched that she has trusted me with it.


We spent the evening in deep conversation.


Ah, so this is what it means to be clothed in cloud.


For I left Milan knowing I had made, a friend.

(Please refer to Bav’s website for more information about her work, and the Lokya Cloud Dress.

http://www.bavtailor.com )

  •  photo credit-  Bav took all the images last night.



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