In Sickness and in Health, Love is Patient, Love is Kind

Miss Darcy has been a guest for the last 4 days.


Because each home is different, she’s had to learn a new set of rules.

IMG_0600 IMG_0439

Being with her makes me ponder about, love.

IMG_0516 IMG_0588

I asked Chris, what keeps her going in her untiring, devoted care of her family, of her husband.

My marriage vows, she replied.  The vows we made.  Her words so simple, so strong in its simplicity, made me cry.

He has been a good husband, and a great father.  A kind and patient man.


Darren and I were from such different backgrounds.  There’s a very slim chance of meeting, and getting married… I guess it’s all in God’s plan.  If I am the one that is sick, I am sure he will take care of me too.


Her megawatt smile, and her coke-bottle figure!  Darren replied readily when asked what drew him to Chris.  I love that she hasn’t given up on me.

My biggest fear, Chris said,  is to leave this world before him.


Every day, I pray for health and strength, and wisdom to care for him.  My ONLY hope?  He will be able to see, walk and use his affected hand again.

The best thing that has happened since, or because of?

We’ve grown closer to God and a few friends, said Chris.

I realised I’ve neglected my precious wife, Darren shared.  I believe I’ve become a better person, more patient, more understanding… My greatest fear is falling, and dragging Chris down with me.  Screw me, but Chris would get hurt; that’s the last thing I’d want.


Are you happy, Darren?

I’m happy to be alive.  There are days when I feel, I’d rather die, but thankfully that doesn’t last long.  God keeps me sane.

Everyone wants to live a better life.  But, what is a better life?  Chris mused.  I have been working hard to live a better life; now I am working hard to live a different ‘better life’.  I am quite resilient… I did not just plan for the better, but also for the not so good days.  It’s just that the not so good days came too soon, much sooner than I expected.


The worst thing is no longer being independent, no longer being able to ride my bike…


I can’t walk on my own, can’t scratch the itch on my right side, can’t pee, can’t poop on my own.  Every day is a struggle for me.  I’ve never had to depend on others…


I believe God isn’t done with me yet…I’m thankful for the second chance in life, so I’m gonna make this one count.

I’m still the same… I’m still as fierce to him.  I still nag at him, everyday, laughs Chris.


And, Darren repeated,  I love her coke bottle shape!

  •  All photographs of the wonderful couple belong to them, and were used with their permission.

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