Nu Skin (Product Review)

Executive Distributor Vivian Teh of Nu Skin, kindly sent me a few samples of their skincare products to review.


In between baby-sitting Miss Darcy, and research,


I decided to wash my face.


(This would be the ‘before’ picture.  You can see that my skin looks quite dull here, and its tone uneven.

Please also note that all photographs were shot in natural light.  Nothing has been edited for this piece.  I am also not wearing any make-up, so as to best show my skin in its truest state, and the effectiveness of the products tested today.)

Vivian gave me explicit instructions.  To begin, I was to use the polishing peel, like a scrub.


She said it sloughs off dead skin.  I didn’t see any debris when washing my face, but then again, I wasn’t wearing my glasses and my eyesight is bad.

There was a mild stinging sensation.

After I rinsed it off, my skin looked, honestly, like that.


Unbelievable.  I don’t remember the last time I looked this pore-less!  My colouring also looked brighter.  Encouraged, I ploughed on with the Epoch Glacial Marine Mud Mask.


It supposedly “absorbs impurities from the skin… without robbing moisture”.


It had a cool, calming sensation.  For a while, I could move the muscles of my face.


Then I noticed the colour of the product changing from green to blue…


At this point, my face lost mobility.


It was as if someone had wrapped a very tight corset around it.

A few minutes later, the mud hardened.


The only thought I could conjure up was, reptilian.

It freaked me a little, so I washed it off.  Post peel, post mud, this was what I found-


30 years ago, my skin sold soap.  My lines for tv and film were, “Now I can feel the freshness!”, “It feels so soft and fresh!”

This afternoon, I could really feel the freshness!  My skin actually felt softer than usual as well!

In my living room which receives the afternoon light, I noticed that my colouring in general, also looked more even.


With some concealer beneath the eyes, sunblock, and BB cream,


I was ready to face the world.


For more information/to purchase Nu Skin, please contact Vivian at +44 074 1260 2894, email让你活得越美丽越年轻-1629355493951604/timeline/

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