Wednesday, Inbox

Dear Tammy Wong,

Thank you for booking the English National Ballet at the Saddlers Wells Theatre…The event is fast approaching.


Hi Tammy,

I will send you the samples first thing tomorrow morning.


Hi Tammy,

We are now offering a 20% discount on all our products for bloggers…


Hi Tammy,

Great pic!  Love the coat!

IMG_0202(photo credit- Zen

During LFW we are taking private sales and press appointments to view the new collection- I’d love to welcome you to the showroom if you have the time to drop by…

ABSOLUTELY! So excited, thank you for thinking of me!  Please may I bring Bruno along? 


Dear Tammy,

Thank you most kindly for your heartwarming email.  I’ve just viewed your ‘Andante’ interview and was really quite taken aback with your story…

DSC4792 906234_353348828109548_1462260623_o-2

(photo credit- Esplanade Theatres on the Bay, & The Arts House, Andante- choreography and performance by Tammy L Wong)

…It would be a pleasure for me to have you as my Brand Ambassador.

WOOHOO!  Thank you so much!  Shooting from the hip… what does your schedule look like…


(Daughter on Watsapp:  Can you not go to Milan…I want you to stay home with me!)

Dear Tammy,

We have an organisation called Faith in Action…They welcome rough sleepers and people who are vulnerable and isolated…I will pass on the information and see if they can approach her or somehow get the information to her.  Thank you for your email, it is very much appreciated.


The last email made me cry.  Tears of relief, of gratitude- I’m not sure exactly why or what.  But I’ve seen her trying to make herself invisible, crouching with her one bag in the eves of an empty building, and then sitting again with that one bag close beside her, on a bench, along the hill.  I’ve lived in rough hoods before- Santa Monica closer to the 405 isn’t pretty, neither was Ave A in the East Village back in 1993, 1994, 1995.

Tonight when I walk my dog, I hope I see her again.  I want to tell her to stay visible.  I want to tell her, help is on its way.

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