Monday’s Child (@ Work)

The invite said, “Black Chic”.  The weather said, 11-19 degrees.

Sometimes, clothing oneself appropriately is the best preparation one can make to face Monday, and a room full of bloggers.


(Ta da!)

Monday’s Child, full of grace, climbs up stairs in South London without tripping on her trailing skirt, and finds herself in Beauty and Fashion Wonderland.

IMG_0238 IMG_0239

Too many brands, so little time, and I am feeling, hungry.  I take a sweeping look at everyone/everything before me, make quick decisions as to what catches my eye, and get to work.  In the next hour, I will speak with industry experts, learn about new products, new clothing lines, new brands.  I will have, quite a bit of fun!

Here’s what caught my eye:

With Love Lilly

IMG_0214 IMG_0216

The pieces showed delicate craft and had a sense of sweetness about them.  I know a lot of women who love their granny pants, but I also know a lot of women who indulge.  And why not… Twice this year, I was in situations where I had to undress unexpectedly before strangers.  Both times, I remembered thinking, Thank God, I’m wearing my good pants!

Brilliant Colours


Nail colour that contains only natural ingredients, is easy to peel off, odour free and quick drying.  I listened in fascination!

Kleem Organics


An American product to be launched later this year.  Its defining ingredient?  Vitamin C. Specifically the high concentration of Vitamin C, which according to the company’s representative, concentrated to a percentage never before realised, in the European market.

Paul & Joe (cosmetics)


Everything is packaged in whimsical print.  The holiday box to be available before Christmas, would make a wonderful gift for a younger girlfriend, or a daughter.




Perhaps a more adult, elegant interpretation of underwear.  The piece I am holding would look beautiful beneath a white shirt and jeans.

Maison Ves


Shabby chic candles with a fun twist.  As explained to me- the candles are for specific occasions/persons (Best Friend, Relax, Thank You), each with a specific scent (Lavender, Black Fig, Vanilla).  Everything you want to say, is also said with a hashtag, printed around the jar of the candle.


Everything I saw today aside from the facial serum, is locally made in England.  Speaking of locally made, Zen ( so kindly made me a Trio of Hapiness to wear with my black dress.


I love it!  It retails at 230pounds, and even when worn without the stones, complements, Hermes!


  •  All photographs of me taken by Zen
  • To get your own Happy, email Zen at

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