Skin, sans Machine/Needle

Ah skin.  I’m fussy about skin.  When I was 15 years old, my skin sold, soap.  A friend’s sister worked for an advertising agency.  They came to our school to scout for a new face.


Back then, I simply washed my face with, water.  I didn’t know to use moisturiser or sunblock.  All that only happened later, when I moved to America, and the climate much drier than humid Singapore.

In the United States, I started shielding myself from the sun.  I think it just had to do with growing up, learning to take control of one’s destiny, asserting the adult self.  Then one day, my childhood dream came true, and I learnt to ride a horse.  That meant being outdoors where previously, aside from walking my dog, I never quite ventured.


Being with such a magnificent animal like a horse, teaches you many things.  Like, how to be creative with skin protection.

704348_225472960918962_63630001_o 10420423_665205290243322_4212315601645892610_n

Even in the dead of winter, as long as there is a hint of sun, I prefer my face, covered up.


I had to re-think skincare this summer, because I participated in an event where the dress code meant, an unmasked face.


The SA at the local Space NK store suggested this.


She assured me that the product was like a “wall”, preventing any damage or penetration of UV rays.  “You don’t want to tan right?”  She confirmed with me.  “Then this is the sunblock to use.  It’s really like a wall!  It also helps with pigmentation!”

Wall and pigmentation-help sounded like music to my ears.  After a sunny morning spent on horseback, with 5 layers of this wall applied to my face and hands, I looked like this-

IMG_6309 IMG_6310

I didn’t burn brown, but the sun’s too powerful.  Objectively, I did turn a shade darker.

Three, four weeks have since passed.  I’m still using that wall.  I’ve also gradually switched my skincare to Colbert’s MD.  It just seems to be more nourishing for my skin, especially as we head towards the colder months.


This morning, I took a good look at my skin.  Here I am, shot without edits, filter and make-up, blind as a bat.


Slight discolouration, uneven skin tone, deepening nasal folds, fatigue around the eyes, and the beginning of a furrowed brow- all consistent with, age.

An older actress I worked with once, told me, she never leaves her house without some make-up.  She finds that the older we get, we need to take more care.  I agree with her.  It’s about manners, the presentation of self, looking clean and tidy.  Since turning 40, I don’t face the world without some concealer and BB cream.


I’ve not done anything invasive to my face yet.  I’ve not had fillers, nor botox, nor lifts.  I’ve not had IPL nor radio frequency therapy nor whatever medical treatments are being done these days.  That is not to say I am not open to aesthetic works, if and when I’m convinced of the need, and provided the context.  My husband who loves, loves me and indulges, indulges me, prefers medicine the old fashion way- for curative and re-constructive purposes.

Besides, he is forever reminding me, Look at Popo, look at your mom…. it’s about, genes.

10547803_10152290281397997_1180316819914495291_o 981618_482778415124106_580552996_o-3

  •  All photographs of Dumpling and me were taken by Wimbledon Village Stables.

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