Central London Dining (Dog-friendly &Tourists-free!)

Bruno’s separation anxiety helped me discover a different dining scene in London.  Not only are the places listed here dog-friendly, they tend to also be tourists- free, even while sited in Zone 1.  So if like me, you prefer dining with the netizens especially when visiting, here’s a few of our favourites.

A.  Soho:

Andrew Edmunds, 46 Lexington Street 

IMG_3838 IMG_2042

Tiny, quaint, atmospheric.  An oenophile’s paradise.  The wine list is imaginatively curated and well-priced.  Christmas Dinner needs to be booked in advance.

The Crown And Two Chairmen, 31-32 Dean Street

IMG_0008 IMG_0023

Max is in residence!  On Sundays, there’s a delicious Nut Roast.

Polpo, 4 Beak Street

IMG_5263 IMG_5252

Small plates, pulsating by nightfall.  Bruno always requests for the croquettes.

B.  Chelsea/South Kensington

Polpo (again!), 81 Duke of York Square

IMG_5884 IMG_5886

Similar/same menu, a more sedate crowd.  Work lunch off by strolling through the Saatchi Gallery, situated close by.

Cuisine de Bar by Poilane, 39 Cadogan Gardens


Tucked away from the crowd behind Peter Jones, it’s an unfussy pit stop for coffee and (tartine) sandwiches.

Maze Grill, 11 Park Walk

IMG_5348 IMG_5299

Bruno’s favourite Chelsea restaurant serving comfort food.  The only place we eat at, where he fights to stay awake, hoping for more bread.

Jak’s,  77 Walton Street

IMG_2584 IMG_2590

Organic Mediterranean, fresh juices, fat cakes.  Order to go, or to eat in, from a main counter.

Jakob’s, 20 Gloucester Road

IMG_3901 IMG_3908

Similar concept to Jak’s, but more down-to earth in terms of presentation.  The food tastes home-cooked.  Live music on certain nights.

Lucio’s, 257-259 Fulham Road

IMG_3425 IMG_3417

Intimate Italian, dressy service, family-run.  Bruno and I always share the burrata appetiser and bread.  On some nights, their family dog, Coco, accompanies diners.

Blakes, 33 Roland Gardens

IMG_2821 IMG_3429

Tea for two in a secret, stylish garden; or dinner and drinks in chinoiserie chic.

C.  Notting Hill

The Commander Porterhouse & Oyster Bar, 47 Hereford Road


His favourite in our old hood.  Easy dining with  seasonal menus, fresh oysters, a choice of vino and drinks.

Kensington Wine Rooms, 127-129 Kensington Church Street


Wines by the glass/bottle, small plates served at the bar area, or heartier fare from the kitchen if necessary.

D.  Marble Arch/Marylebone

The Grazing Goat, 6 New Quebec Street


(Actually pretty)Delicious gastropub grub, a hop from the nightmare of Oxford Street.

Le Vieux Comptoir, 26- 28 Moxon Street

IMG_3054 IMG_3062

Cosy French served in a light-filled basement.  Unfortunately we don’t go much anymore, since moving further away.

E.  Angel

Vintage Stall, (previously called the Fish and Chip Shop), 189 Upper Street


Generous portions, fresh fish, chill neighbourhood hang-out.  The gentlemen, approved.

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