One Very Useful Dress

May’s invited us to lunch at Chiltern Firehouse.


What to wear to lunch on a pre-menstrual, pre-fall day?


Easy.  My new-ish summer dress.


The dress has a gorgeous print that’s almost painterly.  It’s made of heavy cotton, which keeps me warm if the weather turns unexpectedly.  I love the cut- baby-doll, with 3/4 length sleeves, and a skirt that kicks out.  Because of its cut, nothing is caging my pre-menstrual middle.  Meaning, I can spill over, in secret.

I bought the dress at a summer sale.  My daughter was graduating high school.  I thought, for such a happy occasion, perhaps I should wear print for a change.


One of the things I like best about being in my 40s, is that by the time I got here, my aesthetic became very defined. I have a clear sense of what I like, what I don’t, what works for my body, and what simply doesn’t.  This means I don’t do impulse buying, nor end up with things languishing in my closet.

I know the dress would get mileage, and it has.  For graduation weekend, it made its debut with sparkly sandals, monochromatic bracelets and a blue bag.


And then it went on a road trip.


It makes a great travelling outfit because it allows movement and conceals bloat.  Flying between London and Singapore, the dress is the foundation I build a look that not only flatters, but is practical.  I can add and easily remove, tights, coat, scarf; keeping warm in one city, and cool in the other.


People I find, also respond differently when one wears a beautiful dress.  For example, service is always that much more energised, and smiling.  At dinner, I crossed the street to get take-out.  The last time I was there, the waitress shoo-ed Bruno and me away- Dogs not allowed!  This time however, the same waitress told me to wait inside, take my time with my order.  Then she said, It’s so nice to see you in a dress!


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