California Carrie

Sometimes when the days feel too long, too dark, God sends an angel.


In High School they used to call me, Killer Miller…  No one messes with my friends!

So God sent Carrie to me.  We ate sushi at Newport Beach.  We discussed homework together, sat in each other’s rehearsals, offered feedback and food.  When I interviewed at Ohio, she took care of my daughter for me.  For a defining moment in my life, she made me feel, safe.  She was my only friend.


Other moments, I don’t ever want to forget-  Carrie calling me from Frankfurt, Tammy, I’m pregnant!  The ocean in Bali roaring before me, whoosh, whoosh, Oh, Carrie!  Carrie again, in Paris this time- I’m flying to see you, I want you to meet, Lucas!  And then Carrie in… Singapore!  If you’re not coming to LA, I’ll come to Singapore!  I want to see where you work!

Too soon it is the first day of school for Leah.


Jitters… from the coffee!  Carrie laughed.  When it was time for Leah to be born, my doula said, it’s ok, to let go, it’s time…


California moms… there is this beauty factor that seems to linger around a lot of these mommies.  I don’t put myself in that.  I am sporty.  I don’t curl my hair, or blow it out.  I’m ok just being myself.  I’ve always been that.  But with age, I have realised that I am strong in my heart, and that is what beauty is…

Praising, admiring, supporting fiends and family, makes me feel good inside.

10430821_10152415353716655_1722357730921486642_n Being present.  What we do today counts.  Say I love you, into the centre of their hearts.

  •  All pictures used belong to Carrie Miller Smaczny

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