In Her Closet

This afternoon, Bruno and I invited ourselves over to May’s gorgeous home.


When she got over her shock as to why we appeared at her front door, May gamely allowed me in, to dress her up.


She put on the dress she wore when she saw the Taj Mahal.  Inspired by that reference, I piled on her jewellery, more-is-more-is-more, winding beaded necklaces around her arm.

May is such a good sport!


I’ve learnt it’s easy to meet new people in London, but it does take a while (one year!) to form real friendships.  Things were different when I met May.  She was so much more open and generous with her time, her spirit, her kindness.

I met May through her blog

May blogs about the adventures she shares with her dog, Miss Darcy.


It’s hands down the most successful dog blog in the UK, and Miss Darcy sometimes finds herself inundated with invites to events.


But this afternoon, I wanted to talk to May about, May.

So she graciously opened her closet and showed me a few things; like what she wore when she left corporate life in NYC (Senior Vice President of Marketing, largest American private real estate developer) at only 50; and searching for change, and opportunity for charity work, found herself in, Africa.

IMG_6724 IMG_6726

She wore a lot of Roberta Roller Rabbit there.

In Africa, May experienced a new kind of humility and helplessness.  I’m one person…

She learnt unlike the corporate world, she could not solve problems in the ‘real world’.  She also left Africa with the 1000 pencils project, where each child in the village school she volunteered at, finally had their own pencils, and stationary to use.

This is the decade- I don’t have to prove myself to anyone, because I’m not in the corporate world… I’m living in a home that I’m happy with, and it’s mine.  


I’m starting to realise if I put my heart into something, I can make something of it.  Only now am I appreciating what I can make, of it.  I want to use Darcy’s ‘voice’, to do a cause, take it to the next level…

On internet dating, May said, You feel you should do it.  I’ve been told it’s the only way to meet people now.  I would love the company of another human being, a man, to enjoy the every day things with, but I’m not going to sit here, stress, and wish for it to happen.

Then she added with a twinkle in her eye, If I have a man in my life, I’m moving into his house.  This?  Is my world!


Heart, humour and a killer smile, May?  Make timeless style!

*photos of May and Darcy at work belong to May.

4 thoughts on “In Her Closet

  1. What a lovely take on Ms Darcy’s Mistress!
    I enjoyed your home, your Closet, and most of all your spirit of generiousity and and fun!
    Yeah Ms May

    Liked by 1 person

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