That Age Thing

That age thing with the eyes.  It creeps up on you.

My eyesight has always been poor.  Sometime this year, I started getting that age thing, where suddenly things closest to me began blurring away.


The screen on my laptop, texting, paying a bill, counting change.  At night, walking Bruno, I mistook a lamppost for a man, lurking too close.

Thus began the tiresome process of having my eyes checked, new glasses fitted, and the concept of having each contact lens do a separate task, all to help me see.

In Singapore at The Eye Place (223 South Bridge Road), Collin and Michelle kindly assisted me with my first pair of progressive glasses.


I looked outside.  To my astonishment, I saw that buildings in the city, actually had strict outlines, a beginning and an end!

It’s a huge shift to go from not wearing glasses in daily living, to now just wishing I never have to take them off.  When I was younger, I found glasses cumbersome.  Aside from living an athletic sort of life, the glasses hid my eyes, hindering communication.

On a superficial level, I just felt much prettier and more confident without my glasses!

IMG_6073(Feeling pretty!  Feeling pretty confident!)

The thing with age is, at some point one’s humour and sense of self become so fortified, impenetrable almost.  Popo and Mom have also set such terrific examples of ageing with style.  The 1st trick in their book has to be, don’t fight ageing, be grateful instead for another year of uncomplicated health, for another year well- lived.


Back in London, I’ve had to have my eyes checked again.  My brother who has recently surrendered to glasses as well, is right.  if you are going to have to wear glasses more often than ever before, why not turn it into a fashion statement?


Thanks, Brother!


Tres geek?  Tres Chic!  Geek Chic works at almost every age, if you just pump it up with the right colour and cut.  And while we’re having fun with all things geek, I felt inspired to purchase a new pair of sunnies too.


Gosh, Mom!  You look like Iris Apfel!

(Thank you, Summie. I wouldn’t be surprised if she inspired the design of both these glasses.)

I’m finding that geek-chic glasses do a great job bringing definition to a softening, sinking face, especially, if like me, you don’t have strong cheek bones to brace your skin against time.  They also work fabulously with off-duty grunge.

Photo on 25-8-15 at 1.35 PM

  •  London eye examination and both glasses were purchased at David Clulow, 65 High Street Wimbledon Village 

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